by Big Mac

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Most people don't know this but AWOL is my own little acronym for A Waste Of Life. This is my first real album release and I went through a lot of different subjects and thoughts when I made it. I really just threw a bunch of stuff together and it came out pretty damn good. If anything, it's a concept album.


released August 26, 2008

I'd like to thank: Andrea, David, Orrin, Juan and Channel for gracing this album with their vocals. Rich for the interview piece. Steve and Sean for their contributions on Epic. Also, Paul Hooper for making the beat for Pathetic. The rest of the album is produced by me.




SinsHere Reno, Nevada

MC. Poet. Sincere. Growing up in a broken home, SinsHere found writing at the tender age of 8 and began using words to interpret his surroundings. What initially began as a defense mechanism quickly transformed into a passion for the art of hip-hop. His stage name may hint at the sincerity in his lyrics but his brutal honesty shines through and hold it's own next to D-Minor’s mesmerizing beats. ... more

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Track Name: 308
3-0-8, that’s the weight not the area code.
So don’t hate ‘cause my scrape sit naturally low
And don’t trip ‘cause your chick likes me ‘cause I’m chubby
‘Cause she’s hot and you’re not plus she loves my tummy

Your girlfriend has me lifting up my shirt – telling me to make it work
While I’m lifting up her skirt – she’s telling me to make it hurt
To make her squeal – like [Tahnee] Beal
And she wanna make me skeet – like shaking a can of Squirt
Eatin’ my dick like it’s her last meal
Makin’ it disappear like David Copperfield
Tryna cop a feel of my tummy
And it’s funny
‘cause these dudes mean mug me
‘cause they bitches love me
and try to hug me and get into my pockets like they my money
but honey just ‘cause you’re down to fuck me don’t mean you’re gonna get shit from me
You’ll get a look if you’re lucky – I can’t help it if I’m chubby
and my plummer’s crack is sexy
That’s why your girls text me sayin’ how much she wanna sex me
in so much detail, you shoulda seen her last email:
a pic of her tits through a wet, tightly worn white tee
dude, your chick likes me and what strikes me
as the most absurd is that the words “308 L-B-S” were on her chest
and she wore that shirt like a dress


I walked into Wal-Mart once practically shirtless
Wearing a way-too-small wife beater
instead of the usual tents, tarps and curtains
I left hurtin’
People were laughin’ behind my back like I didn’t do it on purpose
And some were avoiding lookin at me like I was naked
When all I tried to do was make a statement
That in most cases people are racist and weightist
just ‘cause I’m pink and moving my feet is how I weight lift
People were gagging over the intercom
and yelling “put a shirt on” after I was gone
-they just jealous ‘cause I can shapeshift
Into any shape and ‘cause I’ve had many dates
And more holes in one than Chevy Chase
in Caddyshack. That’s right, fatty’s back.
With his baggy pants; a heavy weight
Eating like 20 steaks in one night
Eating a whole spaghetti plate in one bite
But I ain’t fat. I’m like Ball Park Franks – they plump when you cook ‘em
Got these bitches lookin’ whether they tooken or not
They get hot and bothered.
They love how it looks like I’m retaining water
And how I outweigh all my peers
I’ve been 9 months pregnant for years


I’m rollin’ on these bitches like Razor scooters.
And gettin’ major mula like my name is Buddha
‘cause beezys be easily dooped into giving me all they loot.
All I gotta do is shoot photos in my birthday suit.
Or expose my stomach in public and charge ‘em duckets to rub it
‘cause they love to touch it but they afraid of it.
Afraid of losing an arm or leg.
But they do anyways, they’d never pick a six pack over a keg.
And they know where the tap’s at with my pants at, half-mass.
And they can suck for free. Fuck a fee.
It’s that bad ass fat ass.
Rippin’ mics like I’m rippin’ seams in jeans.
Why I never seem to be
-wearing ‘em. ‘cause I’m always tearing ‘em
and it’s hard to find ones at the Big and Tall’s.
Plus, my dick is small.
But I can see it if I suck in.
So it’s better than nothing.
And I waste more gas than caddy’s
but not on my own species I don’t like fat beezys
‘cause they greasy like hamburger patties.