Porcelain Doll

from by SinsHere & D-Minor

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[Verse One]
See the hairline cracks in her porcelain skin
The little dimples and dents in her cheeks and chin
An angel's kiss place right above her lip
Watching everyone walk by from the shelf she sits
Subtle blue eyes, rosy red cheeks
Perfect teeth hidden behind a perfect smile
not to speak
As she sits still in silence - blinded by heavy eyelids
Watching the world go by atop her shelf
Never to be held - she wasn't made for play
Only for display - if she ever fell, she'd break
Then she'd be worthless to collectors
and merchants that would only do the same
And neglect her perfection in the same way
Her fingernails painted a beautiful red
Gorgeous brown locks pouring from her head
With disdain growing behind pained eyes
Wishing someone else was the prize instead
In all her perfection
she's not to be messed with
When deep down she wants to be touched
She wants to be hugged - she wants to be loved
But no one will play with her for fear of breaking her
So high on the shelf she remains
That is her place for the rest of her days
With her long distance gaze and pretty white gown
Only to collect dust in the corners of her mouth
And weigh that smile to a frown


[Verse Two]
See the smudges and scratches on her porcelain skin?
Inviting blue eyes
accompanied by reluctance to let you in
Long eyelashes like bars on a gate
Watching everyone walk by from the shelf she waits
Observing and learning that the world isn't safe
Played with a couple times
acquired some cuts and scrapes
Made for display; amazed she's yet to break
But her shelf isn't that high
Only about eye level where they set her
It still comes as a big surprise
When she doesn't break - when she falls to the dresser
Most dolls would probably crack from the pressure
Not her.
She may lose a piece or two but they just glue her back together
She's never the same though
Her face and frame look the same but something's changed
Inside her eyes is something painful
That's why she'll play but isn't always playful
That's why she'll play but isn't always graceful
Sitting awkward on a shelf for a long time
does have a disadvantage
It has the potential to cause damage
and throw one off balance
So she sits slanted
Watching the world in worry
Knowing that she'll never understand it


from T​.​B​.​A., released March 18, 2012




SinsHere Reno, Nevada

MC. Poet. Sincere. Growing up in a broken home, SinsHere found writing at the tender age of 8 and began using words to interpret his surroundings. What initially began as a defense mechanism quickly transformed into a passion for the art of hip-hop. His stage name may hint at the sincerity in his lyrics but his brutal honesty shines through and hold it's own next to D-Minor’s mesmerizing beats. ... more

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